I attend the Indie TABLE Group for College/20-something’s and this week we got on the subject of perseverance which eventually lead to the question, “Why do we strive to have a daily devotional/quiet time?”
As we sat in a circle, on the floor, around our imaginary table we each shared our thoughts. One major point we discussed and expanded upon was that it is a starting point, of sorts. A place to come back to everyday. Our daily devotional is a moment in which we spend time, INTENTIONALLY, with God. Speaking with Him, conversing with Him, asking His guidance.
And listening.
Because, how can you follow God’s plan for your life, your day, if you don’t listen to what He is telling you? Setting aside that time is a discipline, at times a struggle, but the more we do that the more we can rejoice in that time. Our perspective changes from our daily struggles and the chaos that surrounds us– to all the marvelous ways God works in our lives and the world around us.
It’s a change of perspective.
With this new perspective we have a new lease on life. Life wont be easy. It’s not that we won’t face struggles or illnesses. It’s not that we won’t have bad days. It’s that we know we can choose to see them from God’s perspective, a higher perspective full of purpose. And we can rejoice.

This week our memory comes from Psalm 34:3 “Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt His name together”