Sunday nights in our neighborhood are always full of festivities (especially in this kind of weather we’re having). This past Sunday night was no exception. As I pulled in at about 6:30 from church I saw the familiar scene of kids running all around and playing together and the moms visiting together in the driveway (always the houses on the west side of the street in the evening as they are shaded), and the dads wrapping up a few ‘honey-do’s’ to stay in good graces with mom. I grabbed the mower to mow the lawn real quick, dodging kids who were decorating my driveway with sidewalk chalk. As I wrapped up and was visiting out front we were visited by a family who was riding their horses down the street (I obviously don’t live in the Woodlands).

We talked for a while and right in the middle of our nice conversation one of the horses, a collosal horse, dropped the mother load right in the street. Now the average person is kind of grossed out by this scene but I happen to be a garderner and horse manure is like gold for your compost pile. So I proceed to ask these people if they mind if I take their horse poop and with some twisting of their arms they agreed to let me have it. The next thing I know I am scooping up the poop with a shovel into a trash can and then it hits me….I bet there’s more down the road! So I am heading off in search of more poop and I turn behind me and like 7 kids and 2 Dads are all coming along for the adventure.

As I was reflecting a little more on this funny scene it reminded me about how people are waiting for someone to lead them. I mean every day my neighborhood is filled with kids and people…waiting for something to happen…who will take the lead? who can I follow? I love this simple verse from the mouth of Paul in 1 Corinthians 11:1 that says, ‘Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.’ Who is someone I can lead today? Who is someone I can influence? How can I be proactive today for the cause of Christ? Let’s dare to lead!

in Christ,