If I am honest with myself, most of my worship is filtered through my rational mind with questions like, ‘is this logical?’ or ‘is this socially acceptable?’ or ‘how is my wife going to feel about this?’ Rarely do I really just worship Jesus with wreckless abandon. I long to grow in my freedom to do this more and more. I remember one time at a youth retreat I really had that experience. It was on Saturday night and the Lord had been doing some powerful things in our group. We had one of those extended times of worship where we just felt like we could go all night. I remember one point where I just started dancing for the Lord and some of the students joined in as well. Now, I am one of those guys that doesn’t mind cutting a rug on the dance floor but this time was different. It wasn’t like I was going through the different dances in the repertoire (like the sprinkler, pizza, bus driver, etc) but it was this total freedom in the Lord kind of moment where I just really didn’t care what anyone thought at all.

As we are walking through ‘holy week’ and leading up to Easter there is a poweful little story that is shared in the gospels that happened shortly before Jesus shared His last Passover meal with His disiples. John 12:3 records this moment as it says, ‘3 Mary then took a pound of very costly perfume of pure nard, and anointed the feet of Jesus and wiped His feet with her hair ; and the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume.’ I have always loved this little story because it is such an awesome picture of reckless and unrestricted, nothing held back worship. There is nothing calculated about this worship. There are no spreadsheets, no cost-benefit analysis charts, and no consideration of social awkwardness. This is a woman who is overwhelmed by the presence of her Savior that takes an incredibly expensive jar of perfume (worth almost a year’s salary) and pours all of it out and annoints the feet of Jesus. Let’s be more like her today. Let’s just love God today with a child-like faith, even if it doesn’t make sense to our neighbor, even if it is ‘weird’. In the words of the Matthew West song, let’s ‘let our hearts defeat our minds’ today!

in Christ,