I was on my way out the door to get to church and blocking my exit was a little guy under four foot tall with blonde hair asking, ‘Daddy, can you make me some hot chocolate (that’s his ‘coffee’ in the morning) and read the Bible to me?’ So, I decided to chance running late to seize this little moment with Joshua. I got the hot chocolate all ready to go and sat down at the table in the kitchen. He then informs me that we are supposed to go outside on the back porch for our time together. So I obliged and off we headed.

I opened up his children’s Bible book and we started to read the story about the first Passover together. I was reading about Moses and as we got to the part about the family killing the lamb for the Passover meal he stopped me with a look of horror in his face, ‘Daddy’ he said. He then basically interjected, ‘that’s not nice that they killed that lamb that didn’t do anything wrong.’ It did make me think, wow, that’s true those lambs really did have a rotten deal. There they were just doing their simple and pure life of grazing and the next thing you know they were being slaughtered. So we had this moment of talking about how sin is a really bad thing and that these animals were sacrificed to pay for people’s sins and that’s what Jesus came to do ultimately as the ‘Lamb of God.’

We wrapped up our time in prayer and I think we both felt a sense of awe in our own ways over the Lamb who did nothing wrong who died and shed His blood for the people who did a whole lot wrong. Thank you Jesus, our Passover Lamb, who passes over the sins of a Daddy and his little boy!

in Christ,