I have never been so excited for Easter in my life. The reminder of the incredible sacrifice made for us, the opportunity to reach more people and the extended worship. Even our run-thru on Sunday morning for the band and singers wasn’t really a run-thru so much as an extra service just for us full of amazing worship.

Although I was really excited for Easter weeks in advance, now that Sunday has passed I wonder, ”Why am I not this excited all the time?”. The reality of Christ’s sacrifice is no less true the rest of the year.

My hope is that we, as Christians, don’t let the awe of Easter, and all it represents, fade away because it is no longer April 8. That we would still sing “Easter” songs throughout the year and I am so excited that, this week, we will sing a song about how our Savior has beaten death, conquered sin, and He has risen.

As the song says: Our Savior’s Here

Here are some of the lyrics to Savior’s Here by Kari Jobe:

We can always run to love that never fails,
Arms that never close, blood that covers sin,
Grace that never ends

You have saved us
You have won
Sin is broken, death is gone
Freedom’s found us, break-through’s near
In Your presence no more fear
Our Savior’s here
Our Savior’s here

You opened the blind eyes, heal all our sickness
You alone
You opened my blind eyes, gave me a new life
Our Savior’s here