Hi this is Brian. Well we have started to announce to our family, friends and church family that we have begun the process of adoption, specifically, a little unsuspecting bundle of joy from the country of Honduras, yet to be revealed to us. Whitney and I have had adoption in our heart since the early days of our marriage but like a lot of things it seemed to remain another one of those cool God things that we may or may not do one day. About a year ago, in the Sterling Ridge McDonald’s drivethru (God works in mysterious ways), we had this conversation where God brought a unity to both of our hearts that we were ready and together in stepping out to begin an adoption process. For the next several months it was simply a question of where?

Several months ago, God seemed to bring our hearts to Honduras simultaneously with Josh and Suzanne Bramlett from our church. We started conversing, researching the process, etc. Honduras is a nation that our church has been partnering with in missions for about 6 years now and it turns out that the pastor over there, Pastor Jorge, has become a great advocate for us and has connected us with a Christian lawyer who has agreed to represent us. God has very much awakened my heart for international missions, but I have not felt like our family is to move overseas. Adoption becames a way for us to impact a nation by showing them the kind of love that God, our Father, shows to us. It’s a love that says I love you so much that you don’t just get a high-five from me, or a card from time to time, or get to be in my club, but rather, you become my son…you become my daugther… and I become your father. That means I take responsibility over you to raise you, to protect you, to provide for you, to counsel you, to laugh with you, to cry with you, to give you a glorious inheritance and so much more.

That’s exactly the love our amazing Abba Father has poured out for us. Listen to this in Ephesians 1 where it says, ‘5 Long, long ago he decided to adopt us into his family through Jesus Christ. (What pleasure he took in planning this!)’ As we walk through this process we absolutely covet your prayers for us. Already the enemy is bringing circumstances, fears, doubts and worries against us to thwart God’s calling in us. But we continue to daily trust Him and lean on Him for renewed strength. We will be using our blog (http://bwejdunn.blogspot.com/) to record our journey and would love for you guys to follow along with us and in the process, prayerfully consider more closely, the things that God is calling you to do in your own life!

in Christ,