Steve had a great word in his message on Sunday regarding God’s plan to redeem the world. God’s plan was not to come and dwell in a temple or a building that was made of wood and stone but His plan was to change human hearts and display Himself to the world through living temples, you and me. I think we still have the mentality that our goal is to try and simply get someone to come to church to ‘see God’ through a service. While I hope that people see God each and every week we gather together, I also hope that people see God in us, His temples.

It’s easy to forget this and just cruise through life like everyone else…most people just see waitors, sales clerks, neighbors, yard men, bankers, and cashiers. But you can also see those same people as Dads, single moms, grandfathers, and 20 something’s trying to find their calling. I was reminded of this yesterday. I was at a store and a guy was helping me out. After he helped me with my quesition I asked him a question I often throw out there, ‘Is there anything I can pray for you about today?’ Amazingly, this totally opened up the lines of communication with this guy. He had recently lost a great job, had a wife who had been battling cancer, and had just recently lost his house because of all the financial challenges. I mostly listened and assured him that I would be praying for him and his wife. This moment reminded me again that everyday there our people around me who are carrying heavy burdens and they desperatly need to see God in me.

Acts 1:8 is the last charge that Jesus gives His followers after His resurrection and right before His ascension. It reads, “8 But when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, you will receive power and will tell people about me everywhere – in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” The resurrection is an historical event that happened over 2000 years ago…the tomb is empty! What people really want to see today is ‘How does that event make a difference in my life?’ Let’s show them the difference today!

in Christ,