I’ve been listening to Todd Agnew’s new CD all week and I’ve decided that “Letting Go” is my favorite.
It’s a simple song that takes the classic hymn “I Surrender All” (another favorite song of mine) and makes it a bit more modern while adding a different chorus that dives a little more into the mental struggle that we experience.
Relating this song to Me, Myself, & Lies was very easy. We’re talking about taking captive every thought we have and claiming it for Christ which isn’t easy because it takes real commitment and discipline to police your thoughts constantly, but what a reward we will reap! Many of the thoughts that we can end up focusing on are worries and discouraging things that bring us down. If we focus our thoughts on heaven and the words and wonders of God, we become radiant and filled with a new life; His life.

Here’s the chorus to Todd’s song Letting Go:

So I’m letting go
of the chains that are holding me down
I’m letting go
of the lies that I believe
I’m letting go
of the shame I let define this hurting heart of mine

When I let go of my life
You give me yours
So I’m letting go