Matthew 11:30
For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Sometimes when I read this verse, I think, ………so am I experiencing that?

If not, why not?

So as I think about these words, “my yoke is easy” I ask myself why?
Why is Jesus’ yoke easy?

I mean Jesus often talks about how His way is the narrow way, how his followers will drink from the same cup as He will. This being a foretelling of His and their suffering and death.

So why does Jesus describe His yoke as easy?

There is only one reason.

That reason is because we are yoked to Jesus.

I often get too quickly focused on how big the load is, and I forget that I’m not asked to carry it alone.

Also Jesus, my burden bearer, has removed my greatest weight.
Because of His sacrifice, I no longer carry the burden of sin.
My guilt and shame have been removed.
Death is conquered. And now hope has come.

So if your co-labor with Christ has become a burden?
Ask yourself a few questions.
Am I trying to do Jesus’ work without Jesus?
Am I doing the work He called me to, a work of the Kingdom?
Am I still carrying the guilt of my sin?

I would say to all of us, lay your heavy burden down.

Learn of Jesus.
His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

Good words for Spring Break,