All this week, and much of last week, my mind has been consumed with the upcoming D-Now weekend that is going on with the youth this weekend.
It has been many years since I was able to go but I will always remember D-Not weekend as an awesome experience. It was a chance to connect more completely with my peers, be that my class or the entire youth program.

For those of you unfamiliar with D-Now it is a weekend for the youth that hosts a speaker and a band and a lot of community. Kids get to know each other, their leaders, and most importantly,; they get to know Christ. D-Now mixes unity with a group, healthy competition that remains Christ honoring, but it takes the time to demolish that so that everyone can come together to worship and learn together.

When I was in the youth it was always a highlight of my year. It didn’t matter if I had to come late because of school functions, I made it there late because I knew what this weekend had in store. A weekend of unity and closeness Christ that I never wanted to end.

But like all retreats, they must come to an end.

My plea is that you will all join me in praying that all the leaders, myself included, will be the best leaders that God would have us to be. That we will teach the message he would have us deliver. That, most importantly, you would pray that these amazing young men and women leave this weekend with a lasting impression of Christ and an ever deepening desire to seek Him and live out Christ’s word in their lives.

I Am Witness