When God decides to make a point in your life, He has a way of conveniently placing His message for you in everything you’re involved in. Passing conversation, a discussion between friends perfectly matching up with a message you’ve received and whatever else He can think of.
Right now it seems to me that God is, decidedly, going to teach me about that distance between our heart and our head (I fantastic illustration I received from Brian Dunn just the other day).
If you go look in a mirror and measure the actual distance from your heart to your head you would say that it is a pretty short distance when compared to just about everything else. A very short physical distance. But the core of our hearts and the thoughts in our mind can be, at times, miles apart.
I just began a Bible Study, called “Me, Myself and Lies”, about giving your “thought closet” a little Spring Cleaning. The woman who wrote this particular study gave her testimony about how she had, due to personal health reasons, unintentionally conditioned her own brain to make some very mean quips and derogatory comments about herself all through the day. She is a Christ filled woman, now and even in those times, but she couldn’t help but cry out to God for help because her heart loved Him but the thoughts in her own mind were out of control and just tearing her apart.
I took special note of this line, “We have the potential of saying things to ourselves that we would never say to anyone else,” because we truly do reserve our most harsh criticisms for ourselves.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our Design Team read through the second chapter of “Worship Matters” where the author, Bob Kauflin, talks about really getting his heart in line with God because he found himself, in the position of an experienced worship pastor, seeking approval and validation in what others thought of him and how worship had gone that day. There was never a question about his love for God but his silly human mind was trying to make him seek value in what other people’s opinions.

Our society can present us with standards and goals that are simply not feasible; unrealistic body images, ridiculous aspirations for everyone to become a millionaire entrepreneur and many others, and when we don’t live up to these standards we can beat ourselves up.

We can beat ourselves up or we can discover that our true value is in Christ, not this world and the pencil marks on walls it wants us to live up to.

A couple other things I drew from this new study were based on Psalm 19: 14 Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.

-The words of your mouth include the ones you speak to yourself because your thoughts turn into actions, and those actions turn into your character.

I’m so excited to continue sharing with you what I will be learning these next few weeks!