Our Creative Arts team has been reading through a book entitled ‘Worship Matters’ by Bob Kauflin.  One of the chapters in the book dealt with the mind of the worshiper.  For some people, there is a fear of reading, learning, and studying when it comes to theology, or the study of God.  The reality is, though, that true worship is loving God with our heart, soul, mind and strength.  There are many in the church today who never really study their Bible or read a challenging theological book that expands their thinking about God.  I remember in college a guy named John Gunter took me and three other guys under his wing and challenged us to all read a book together called ‘The Attributes of God’ by Arthur W Pink.  That booked took my worship and understanding and awe of God to a whole new level.  

One of the take-aways for me from the book was the chapter on ‘the Wrath of God.’  After reading that chapter I understood what Jesus did on the cross for me in a whole new level of depth.  I used to always just see the cross as an expression of love but what I hadn’t really understood was that the cross was equally an expression of justice.  I used to think that the cross was horrific purely because of the physical pain that Jesus experienced but perhaps the worst pain was drinking the cup of God’s wrath for all sin.  I remember that year, after reading that book, coming back from Florida.  I stopped on the side of the road by a little church with three crosses.  I got out of my car and just kneeled down in front of those crosses.  I was overwhelmed in a whole new way at the price that was paid for me.  What was it like for the Son of God, who had always known perfect love in the perfect community of the trinity, to be transformed into the object of God’s perfect and complete wrath and for the Son of God to cry out from the cross, ‘My God, My God, why have You forsaken me!’  

So I challenge you today, to read, to study, to dig deep into the wondeful and awesome truths about our God!  Don’t run from knowledge but pursue it like silver.  Delve into the depths of our faith and I believe that your worship of Christ will be more rich and passionate than ever!

in Christ,