I truly never realized how much I would learn from being a Dad and getting to watch my kids just be kids. We are currently hanging out in Corpus Christi on a little get away for a couple of days and visiting my 91 year old grandfather (who owns an iphone and ipad and is quite handy on them). Today we experienced the Texas aquarium and then attempted to work our way over to Padre Island to experience the beach and the Gulf of Mexico. We accidentally took about a 45 minute detour as I turned one road too soon and my family and I got stuck in the middle of a sea of thousands of high school and college students in full party mode for miles. That was an interesting experience I guess you could say.

Anyway, we eventually made our way to a little more family friendly beach called Mustang Island. The last time we went to the beach my kids mainly hung out and played in the sand and weren’t really sure about the whole ocean deal. This time, though, was completely different. Immediately, they ran out into the very choppy surf (which was quite chilly by the way) and just couldn’t get enough of it. They would wait for the wave to come and then they would run towards it, jump and get knocked over on their back side. The best part was that at the precise moment the wave would knock them over they would just unleash complete and uninhibited squeals and giggles of pure delight. We were on a pretty tight schedule but I just could not shorten this little moment. I was just taking in the sight of such complete joy and laughter on both of their faces.

I was thinking about verse 11 of Psalm 16 that says, ‘Thou wilt make known to me the path of life; In Thy presence is fullness of joy; In Thy right hand there are pleasures forever.’ Perhaps I got a little sneak peak today of our faces one day when we will fully be in the presence of Jesus and our joy will be full and we will giggle in pure delight and just be knocked on our feet by the overwhelming love and peace and life that will be ours for eternity. May His joy be your strength today!

in Christ,