Or perhaps I should say costly. When our hearts are given to someone, the potential for hurt is very high. It is the price we pay for love. When they hurt, we hurt. This past week has been full with people I love. In less than a week, I went through the birth of a granddaughter, the death and funeral of a close and longtime friend, and a quick ER visit with a family member. (Everything is okay)

In all of these circumstances, I was filled with deep emotion. Some of the emotions were quite joyful. But there were some that were very sad and painful. And it hurt. In a very real way. You know, like a weight on your chest kind of hurt. It’s just the price we pay for love.

Jesus is like that. Jesus loved Lazarus. And when he grieved for his dear friend, the bible says Jesus wept. Greek scholars tell us that the word really was one of profound sadness and anger. He didn’t just wipe away a tear. It was an anguished cry.

God is like that. Even when He knew humankind would hurt Him, and that His love for us would cost Him dearly, He created us anyway.

Love is like that.

1 Corinthians 13 (the love chapter) says, “Love  bears all things , believes all things , hopes all things , endures all things. ”

Yes. love is always expensive, but people are always worth the cost. That’s what Jesus showed us.

So glad He paid the price of love.

From the heart,