Why did I place a question mark? Is it because I question God’s greatness?

No. It’s because I want us to think about it. About Him.

So if you were asked. what is so great about God, how would you answer?

I’m going to try to avoid one word descriptions and move more toward short sentences.

He made the stars.
He made the earth.
He made the earth, so it would support life.
He made us.
He made me.
He made my wife.
He made my children.
He made my granddaughter. (Had to get that in)
I could have just said Creator, but it’s more fun to make a list.

He made food.
He was the first tailor.
He designed all the flowers. Roses, lilies, daisies, bluebonnets, gladiolas, and…..
He made trees, Oaks, pines, redwoods, maples, birch, weeping willows and…
He made birds. Eagles, Robins, finches, doves, swallows, bluebirds, blackbirds, herons and….
and every living thing.

I could have just said provider, master designer, but this is more fun

He knows every thought, of every person, for all of time.
He knows when I get up. He knows when I sit down.
He knows the number of hairs on my head.
(OK, that is an increasingly easy number to find)
He know the number of my days.
He knows the good works I will do, and He even prepared them before I was born.
He know the number and name of every star.

I could have just said He is Omniscient, but this is more fun

He understands me.
He is patient with me.
He is considers me of great worth.
He paid for my sins.
He adopted me into His family.
He has built me a home.
He gave me a full time counselor.
He gave me unique gifts and abilities.
He gave me a unique personality. (I heard that Amen)
He loves me.

I could have just said, Father, Saviour, Redeemer, but this is more fun.

He’s so great……….I’m just gettin started.

Feel free to jump in and help me with my list.

To be continued,