This morning I joined one of the women’s bible studies and I’m in love with it. Such beautiful, Christ-seeking women and so much to learn.
As we discussed going through afflictions, one thing in particular that resonated with me was something the ladies kept calling, “Count to Jesus”.

When you’re feeling afflicted and angry, or just frustrated with something, there’s the old trick of holding your tongue and counting to ten. I may not be that great at math, but I can count to ten. So while I’m counting, chances are I’m still simmering about whatever is happening as I replay the hurtful thing said and holding onto that anger. These ladies have a much better method of counting to ten. Same concept, but instead of counting to ten, you count “one Jesus, two Jesus, three Jesus…etc.” You may reluctantly start, but as you continue, you can’t help but be calmed by the Name of the Savior. By “eight Jesus” you’ll probably feel a lot different. The time spent saying His Name, for me, is a conviction that says, “Why are you so mad…Is this really that important…Would Jesus really be pleased with your attitude right now?” By “nine Jesus” I’m over myself. I have more blessings than I have reasons to be upset about. All these little discomforts will just be forgotten by tomorrow.

His name can give us peace and strengthen our patience with daily struggles.

2 Peter 1:2 Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.