Long distance relationships can be difficult for the obvious reason that the physical separation from someone creates, what feels like, a spiritual separation and makes it more difficult to communicate daily, the foundation of a good and healthy relationship.
There are times when, because we can’t physically see God, we feel like we are in a long distance relationship with Him. Luckily we aren’t, we only fool ourselves into thinking that we are.

In Psalm 119 it says:
81My soul languishes for your salvation, but I have put my hope in your word.

The psalmist longs for the Lord through what feels like separation but he still has hope. Hope in the word of Christ that is with us right now, physically, and the word he hears from God in his times of need and persecution.

Later on in the psalm it says,
90 Your faithfulness continues through all generations; you established the earth, and it endures.

Just that verse, to me, paints a picture of how grand and how personal Christ is. Generations: a plural entity that simultaneously represents a very finite point in time. A generation, my generation, your generation. But even more than that; ALL generations.

Like Pastor Steve taught about during our Bethlehem Effect series, God made a big difference by starting small.
God makes a big difference in our individual lives by starting small and having a personal relationship with all of us. We may feel, at times, like it’s a long distance relationship. Sometimes we may “languish for your salvation” but we can rest assured that God is personal and intimate and longs to have a relationship with us individually as well as throughout all generations.

Sometimes the distance isn’t really as far as we make it out to be.