What a great message on Sunday from Steve!  I think his challenge about making sure the right thing is plugged into us has been a great picture for all of us to contemplate.  Truly Psalm 1 contains that awesome contrast of the tree firmly planted by streams of water versus the chaff blown around in the wind.  I really have experienced that reality in my life.  So many times I get caught up in chasing my worries or pursuing my own self-gratifying pleasures and my life feels like it’s blowing around without purpose.  Yet there is that security and quiet peace that overwhelms you when you are firmly planted in God’s promises and provision.  There can be a thunderstorm, a blizzard, a hurricane, or a drought and you can endure (like that tree) because of what is plugged into you (His Spirit and life-giving truth).  

So what is our daily habit that ensures we are like the tree and not like the chaff?  Psalm 1:2 says, ‘But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night.’  As Steve said, meditation, is a key habit that we need to learn.  Meditation is related to the idea of a cow chewing the cud.  A cow chews and chews and chews to get every possible nutrient out of his food.  When it comes to truth, I am often guilty of not even chewing but simply swallowing things whole.  We can get tweeted and facebooked and podcasted and app’ed with lots of different stuff but we never really ‘meditate’ on any of it to let it really sink in.  I want to challenge you to just simply take a verse or maybe a phrase from God’s Word today and just mull it over in your mind and heart all day long.  Maybe you can re-read Psalm 1 again and allow that picture to deeply sink in and impact you today!

in Christ,