Every day God is faithful.
He doesn’t get tired.
He is the Ancient of Days, but He’s not growing weary.
His years never run out.
His mercies are new every morning.
His love never fails.
He is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

I could have just said, He’s immutable……..but this is more fun.

God is near.
He moved into our neighborhood.
He is closer that a brother.
He watches over me when I sleep.
He will never leave me or forsake me.
He is near to the brokenhearted and close to those who are crushed in spirit.
I draw close to Him, He draws close to me.
He said, “Remain in me and I will remain in you.”
He said, “I am the vine, you are the branches.” Wow!!! Now that is close.

I could have just said, He is Immanuel, God with Us……
but, this is more fun.

Some have said there is nothing God can’t do.

Not true.

God can’t do anything that is against His nature.
He cannot lie.
He is incapable of lying.

So I can trust everything He says is true.
His word is truth.
I can trust Him because He is good.
I can trust Him because He is wise.
I can trust Him because He has the power to deliver me.
I can trust Him because His reach goes beyond today into eternity.
I can trust Him because He already knows my weakness, yet loves me still.

I could have just said, He is trustworthy………but this is more fun.

How Great is Our God?

Let’s keep it going.

When we’ve been their ten thousand years,
bright shining as the sun, we’ve no less days,
to sing God’s praise, than when we’ve first begun.

Until the whole world hears,