Today I had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in over a year and a half. Even though we hadn’t seen each other, or spoken much, in the last 7 months we still got to sit and chat for an hour without missing a beat. We picked up and talked about everything from our victories to our failures and tragedies like we hadn’t been apart at all.

I love those kinds of friendships.

Having said that, it reminded me if my relationship with Christ. As is the habit of our society and this era, we are busy people. Sometimes, we even get so busy that we forget to make the time to spend with Him.
This last year has been a long journey of getting into the habit of making sure that, each day, I spend time with God, have a quiet time, and read the bible. Just like my lunch with my friend, it never matters how long I’ve spent away from His constant presence; He is always there to pick it all right back up (you see, he never forgets about spending time with us). He is always there to listen and to talk like we never stopped in the first place. And,you know, the more I make it a habit to have my quiet time the more I become dependent on it and the more I NEED to read His word every day.

I know that our society is full of demands and little spare time, but everyone gets a lunch break.

Go have lunch with Jesus,