Last Thursday I was at the gym where my son was doing gymnastics. I have to admit that alot of times I am doing lots of things like talking, playing on my tablet, reading a book, etc and not watching my son like he thinks I have come to do. So this particular day I decided to lay aside all of those other things and just watch my son out there. At first I was watching him and he was kind of half-heartedly going through motions and the different stations his coach had him doing. AND THEN….I saw his eyes glance over and connect with my eyes and his face just totally lit up! All of a sudden it wasn’t just another somersault he had to do because coach told him but now he was showing off his gymnastics dominance to DAD! It cracked me up because literally after every jump, somersault, cartwheel attempt, etc he would immediately look over at me and smile real big and proud. His half-hearted effort transformed into a 110% eveything he had performance.

I challenge you to read Matthew 6 today. There is this really powerful picture that repeatedly shows up over and over. The picture is our Heavenly Father watching us in secret and cheering us on! That’s right. Jesus is saying that when we are giving, praying and fasting that we are to remember that we are doing it for our Dad. Our Heavenly Dad loves it when we pray and talk to Him and when we give because we want to be like Him and when we fast because we want to draw closer to Him and bless others. So pray for someone and then look over at your Dad….help some one out and then look over at your Dad…walk away from temptation and look over at your Dad. I think if I could be more like Joshua and realize that my Dad is watching me and cheering me on, it would make a a huge difference today!

in Christ,