Well, I was also talking to Brent Call on Sunday (see yesterday’s devo by Joe) and I was very challenged by my conversation with him.  God has really been doing a powerful work in Brent and his wife, Leslie’s, heart recently.  They have caught God’s heart for the orphan and are working with a ministry to help build an orphange in Haiti and are trusting God for an adopted child as well.  One of the things that God has done in their marriage is intensify he and Leslie’s heart to abandon all and follow Jesus.  He mentioned that recently they have been very open to scenarios like…moving to Haiti…selling whatever they needed to….letting go of whatever was holding them back and so forth.  

It really got me thinking.  When you really dig in and take at face-value the call of Jesus to follow Him, He has some pretty tough words to hear.  For instance…’If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father and mother and children and brothers and sisters, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.’  (Luke 14:26)  I have wrestled with these words alot.  How do you really get to that point?  Do you just try really hard?  Do you grin and bear it?  Do you just force your way to that level of devotion?  No I think it begins by letting your heart overrule your mind and saying ‘yes’ to Jesus even though your mind and maybe others are thinking you’re crazy.  I think really following Jesus will often feel like you are over your head and there’s no other option but to pray like crazy and cry out to God to save you from drowning.  I bet anyone who’s planted a church, adopted a child, started a food pantry, became a big brother, given sacrificially can testify to those emotions.  So maybe it’s time to dive in and experience God like never before…go for it!

in Christ,