Well, I was pretty bummed to see the Houston Texans historic season come to an end on Sunday in Baltimore. It was a great effort but they just came up short. One of the interesting things that happened after the game was a scene involving the veteran Ray Lewis of the Ravens and the running back of the Texans, Arian Foster. The camera zoomed in on these two opposing players as they had taken their jerseys off to sign and exchange them. It was a touching scene as you could tell they had a huge mutual respect for one another despite playing for different teams. The guys from CBS caught up with Ray Lewis after the game and asked him about this scene. Here’s the quote about his relationship with Arian, “My relationship with him is past special, and that’s what I told him. I love him to death. I love him as a man. I love him as a brother. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him. I told you guys, I told him the same thing today, this ain’t about wins and losses. It’s about real relationships. It’s about relationships that create bonds, and that’s what we have. It will last a lifetime.”

I think that’s a great thought for us today as well. I can get so caught up in the game of life and in the race of my to-do lists and activities that I can blow right by what really matters, relationships. I took the day off today and as the morning began I had a list of projects that I was anxious to get done. As I was about to really get cracking on things a little cotton topped munchkin appeared on cue at the foot of the steps. I could just plop him in front of the TV and go on with my list or I could spend some time with him. I chose the latter. So I grabbed my cup of coffee and he grabbed his hot Ovaltine and we headed outside into the 65 degree weather and we talked about following Jesus and faith and other sorts of questions that my little 5 year old boy had bouncing around his brain. When Jesus was asked to sum up God’s law He bascially replied, ‘Love God and love people.’ At the end of the day that’s what really matters.

in Christ,