You can learn a lot around here. We live in an area where information abounds. But thought provoking questions are a little harder to find. The group of high school girls I help lead posed an interesting question about complacency that I wrote about about earlier. A question I hadn’t realized I had an answer to.
Sometimes we have answers to questions we haven’t realized that we had to answer.

At first I was hesitant to volunteer to disciple young girls but I thought, “God keeps impressing this on my heart and I’ve learned that ignoring Him is not such a great idea.” It took some time to come to fruition, but I’ve started helping co-lead a group of high school girls and I just love them.

To teach something, to lead a group, you have to really know your material. That was part of my rationalizing leading a group. But beyond that, beyond a personal challenge to learn more, I’ve learned that I have answers to some questions I hadn’t realized I had answered.

To me, this is the importance of guiding those younger than you, and sometimes those older.

Not only can you learn more by just having to be prepared to answer questions and, more difficult, to produce questions;
you learn about things you didn’t realize you knew about.
Make connections you hadn’t made before.

Reaching out to serve helps others; but it helps you learn more, about God, about yourself, about all those stories in the Bible you’ve heard about but could never remember well enough to share.

I’m not saying you have to go to a foreign country to minister and lead people to Christ, or that you have to be able to make every non-believer you meet into a Christian.
But to begin here, in your community, and just help those around you as they seek to follow Christ, can make a powerful impact.

No one loses.

Always learning,