Complacency is a dangerous thing. Do you know why? Complacency leads to the realization that really submerging yourself in the Word, in God’s mission, in spending time with Him and making Him the central point in your life; is hard. It takes effort. Not just a small one, mind you, a big effort. The time and self discipline to look at every situation and think of it with the classic What Would Jesus Do? mindset, even.

But we’re all human, and why choose this difficult path when there’s an easy way out?

But the easy way, it isn’t really all that easy. The easy way leads away from God. It leads to sin, to sin that can easily be hidden from the public and your peers, to sin that you can hide from everyone but God. Sin that can be so difficult to come back from. Drugs, alcohol, sexual immorality and so much more.

Personally, I had to go down that trail, the ‘easy way’, and discover that it’s not all that simple. The simplest way back from there is to be surrounded by people who have an unfailing love and devotion to Christ. Surrounding yourself with that kind of love isn’t readily available to everyone, though.

The simplest way?

The road that looked like it was more difficult, at the time.

 The road that required a lot more commitment of your time, so precious in this day and age.

The road that was the one your heart desired to be on the whole time.

In this time when our time is valuable and it’s easier to skimp in our relationship with Christ.

I encourage you to make a little extra time for the one who created all of time.

Not so complacent