I was just thinking about worship and how different people express themselves. There are many forms of worship, as I was talking about with my group of high school girls, painting and drawing, singing, playing instruments, writing in a journal, just to name a few. It got me thinking about worship on Sundays here at StoneBridge. I love to sing, there are very few things that can stop me from singing, food and fatigue being the main things. I was speculating on how I worship on Sunday morning when I’m up on the stage singing our favorite songs because, believe it or not, I can be a painfully shy person But when it comes to worship, I can’t help but change, become someone completely different. One part of me wants to make it clear to everyone who sees me that it’s ok to stand up and raise your hands and let it all go, regardless of who sees you, and another part just gets into the songs so deeply sometimes that I don’t even care anymore, sometimes I can’t sing because those words mean so much that singing them doesn’t do them justice.

Along the lines of making sure everyone in the congregation really believes that they can worship freely, sometimes it’s hard to be totally transparent. Some days are harder than others, some days take longer to reach that point of true worship. Those mornings, especially, I rely on the people in the congregation who are letting it all go and freely crying out to God. Inspiration. Fuel to the fire that is my worship.
Just recently Jack and Kathleen, a couple I had gotten to know and love, moved and I couldn’t help but think, “Who am I going to look to when I need someone to lift me up on Sunday morning when I need that extra help?”. But you know God, He closes one door and opens another. I met a beautiful woman, Tischa, one weekend when I noticed that she was at her seat just dancing and singing. I found her after that service and told her what that meant to me, to see her dancing. She said she may not be able to sing, but she could dance! Beautiful. Another form of worship.
One of my favorite sounds is the sound of a congregation singing, bad singers and all (especially the bad because that shows me a reckless abandon to cry to God).
Here at StoneBridge we say we are a come as you are church, and we are.
So on Sunday morning please come stand, sit, dance, raise your arms, kneel, whatever it is you need to do. We, the praise team, sing for you. But more importantly, we, the praise team and you too, sing for God.
So come as you are, and I’ll come as I am, sometimes shy but always free.

As I am