Having entered the adult world of paying countless bills, student loans, and rent somewhat recently, my Christmas list has changed a bit. Gone are the days of asking for toy horses and knick-knacks. This Christmas I got really excited about getting a crockpot and a nice immersion blender that works (unlike my old blender). Stepping back, I tried to figure out what it was about these seemingly boring, but very practical gifts that got me so excited: they’re like tile grout. They were like the grout that cements a tile, sure you can have tile in a room but if there’s no grout the tile isn’t going to do much good. Sure I had furniture and some basic kitchen needs but it was these new utensils that make it feel like I can really prepare things at my home.

Jesus is like that grout too. Without Christ we’re like a room of loose tiles that can be moved by anything at all that disturbs them. But with Him, the grout that holds us together, we can hold our place even when something big comes against us and tries to move us. And suddenly you can step back and see how much better the tile, and the room, look.

Jesus isn’t boring, like the grout might be, but He sure is practical.