All throughout history God has used very ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.  All He has ever asked us to do is to just show up and He takes over from there.  Yesterday, Josh, Jeremy and I showed up to help a lady in our church move from a house in the Woodlands to a new location in Conroe.  Helping someone move is always quite the under-taking.  I know for me I am always hoping to not drop a really expensive piece of furniture or rip a 3 foot hole in the side of their wall, or trip and fall down the steps and end up in the hospital.  Thankfully, no major structural damage to our bodies, the furniture or the houses occured. 

As I was reflecting on our time, I began to realize that God accomplished some other things as a result of us showing up to move some furniture.  When we rented the UHaul truck, we had an opportunity to talk with and pray for the lady at the desk, and even got to invite her to our church.  As we left she gave us $25 to give to StoneBridge (It’s rare when you are at a business and they are actually giving you money…wow).  At the new house in Conroe, after we moved all of the woman’s stuff in, we had an opportunity to pray together and for her new house.  I later learned that some of the things we prayed for were exactly what she needed the Lord to do in her life.  Lastly, Jeremy, Josh and I had a great time serving together, laughing, making fun of each other (that’s how guys show love for each other), and strengthening our friendship. 

It reminded me that when God asks me to show up, He usually is going to accomplish and do way more than I could ever imagine or think.  Ephesians 3:20 says, ‘Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us…’  So let’s show up today…Let’s step out there…Let’s say ‘yes’ to Him…and then watch in wonder as He shows up and does what only He can do.  It’s a lot more exciting when we allow Him to work.  You never know what He just might do!

in Christ,