Everywhere you look, the Christmas season is in full swing.  Lights are up, Christmas music is being played, Starbucks has their holiday drinks, and shoppers have their game face on.  I always love this time of year.  Family traditions bring back memories of growing up, while new memories continue to be made.  Yup, I am a sucker for all things Christmas.  But this year more than ever, I have an unsettling feeling in my heart.

You see, I have seen the faces of those who are “unloved”.  Many aspects of Christmas involve family so it makes sense that the holiday season can highlight feelings of loneliness for many.  As believers, we know that Christmas is about us receiving the most precious gift ever given, God’s son.  While we try to  keep that fact at the heart of our celebration, our society can make it about something else.  Please don’t feel I’m trying to guilt you out of buying gifts–I’m not at all.  What I am saying is that we should not stop at the gifts under the tree.  The Bible is filled with verse after verse instructing us to give to those less fortunate than us.  That may look different for each of you.  You may sponsor a child through Angel Tree, or sing carols at a nursing home, or put a couple dollars in the Salvation Army bucket outside the mall.  Whatever way you choose to give, do so out of gratitude for what you have been given.

I recently ran across Deuteronomy 24:19-21:

“When you are harvesting in your field and you overlook a sheaf, do not go back to get it. Leave it for the alien, the fatherless and the widow, so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands. When you beat the olives from your trees, do not go over the branches a second time. Leave what remains for the alien, the fatherless and the widow. When you harvest the grapes in your vineyard, do not go over the vines again. Leave what remains for the alien, the fatherless and the widow.”

How many times have I been guilty of spending all I have on things for myself or family?  Too many of those times it has been on things so unnecessary I forget about them a week later.  What good could we do if we left our remains for the alien, fatherless, and widow instead?  I am currently reading Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis and in it she sums it up perfectly: “I begin each day saying, ‘Okay, Lord, what would you have me do today? Whom would you have me help today?’”  Join me as I challenge myself with beginning the next 30 days with this prayer.  I have a feeling our perspective may be changed drastically.

In Him,


(This is a website with great gift ideas that give back to those in need)