“He gave them the privilege of worshiping Him and receiving His wonderful promises.” Romans 9:4

Sometimes I find myself viewing my time with God as a chore—something I have to check off my daily list.  Why is this?  Scripture is very clear that we have been given the privilege of worshiping our Father.  To be honest, God doesn’t need one ounce of our praise.  His magnificence is not based upon whether or not we lift our praises to Him- it is unconditional.  His desire is for us to sit in His glory and receive the blessings that only come from worshiping Him.  Ladies, when you go to the spa you consider it a privilege rather than a chore, correct?  And guys, doesn’t spending a day on the golf course become an escape from the daily grind? Our time spent with God should be viewed the same way. We should eagerly come before our Father and worship Him.  It is a privilege He has graciously given us.  So today, ask yourself the tough question: are you looking at worship as a gift, or are you simply marking it off your to-do list?

In Him,