Sunday evening was a cool moment in my parenting life.  I had the joy of teaching my daughter, Emily, how to ride a bike.  We began the process by putting air in her tires and then taking off the training wheels.  We then walked out to the street together to give it a go.  As we began, I assured her that I was right there supporting her and that she could relax and begin to get a feel for how to balance herself.  So we walked up and down the street a couple of times and I began to hold onto her less and less.  After only a few minutes she told me she was ready to try it herself.  So I got her going and then let her go.  In her wobbly little way she began pedaling and riding her bike all by herself.  She was still a little timid at first, but then I could see that there was this mental shift in her where she went from doubt and fear to confidence and trust.  Before too long she was riding up and down the street and around the block.  

As I was thinking about this moment, I thought about our walk with God.  In 2 Corinthians 5:7 it says, ‘for we walk by faith, not by sight – ‘  Training wheels are not meant to remain on the bike forever.  They are a temporary aid to help us to have the courage to sit on a bike and build our confidence.  It’s only when we take them off that we really begin experiencing the fun and joy of riding a bike.  Are there areas of our lives where we are still operating with training wheels on?  For Emily to go from training wheels to riding a bike, she had to completely trust her Dad.  She had to trust that I wasn’t just leading her out in the street to let her fall.  Is there an area in your personal life, finances, job, habits, family, marriage, career path, etc where your heavenly Father is saying, ‘Trust Me…It’s time to take the training wheels off…’

in Christ,