Yesterday I was reminded of the power of one-on-one interaction with a person.  My son Joshua is 5 and a kindergartner this year.  Around noon my wife, Whitney, called me and informed me that Joshua was under the weather and that I needed to come pick him up from school.  So I went and picked him up and we both immediately concluded that the best way to start nursing him back to health was through a grilled cheese and chocolate milk from Sonic.  So as we were driving around for a while, the little guy in the backseat unloads a multitude of questions where we cover the trinity, the fall of man, the new heaven and the new earth, the tree of life, how you become a Christian, the battle of Armegeddon, spiritual warfare and various other topics.  

I realized that by giving Joshua some undivided attention for a few minutes I was able to really get into all of these amazing thoughts and questions that he was curious about.  All of these questions had been there but, in a group setting, never had a chance to come out.  I thought about a couple of applications based on this time together.  As a parent I need to plan regular times with my son and daughter where I just spend time with them alone.  In marriage you need alone times with your spouse where just the two of you can visit together without interruption.  Lastly, we need alone times with God where we can honesty pour out our hearts to Him and unload our burdens.  We get a glimpse of Jesus’ life in Mark 1:35 where it says, ‘And in the morning while it was still dark, He arose and went out and departed to a lonely place, and was praying there.’  So let’s prioritize alone times with our most important relationships: our heavenly Father, our spouse and our kids and let’s discover a deeper level of intimacy and depth.

In Christ,