As many of you know, our team returned from Riga, Latvia this past Monday. There isn’t much i don’t love about this trip but I am always amazed at how God works during the time we are there. If you don’t know much about the trip, we spend a week at a youth camp with many orphans and teens from Riga, many of whom speak little if any English. It would seem that our work over there is unimportant; I mean what can we really do in a week with a bunch of teens who we can’t communicate with? But one thing we realized is that God is in the business of tearing down walls. Sometimes He comes crashing through and we are left amazed and speechless at what we have witnessed. Other times He demands our patience, as He removes one stone at a time. Have you ever felt called to do something or say something but you worry it would be pointless? If your goal is to bring glory to His name, God is capable of doing huge things through unlikely circumstances. So don’t limit our Heavenly Father; He will impress you every time.