Having been gone the last few weekends, it was very refreshing to be back worshiping with you all on Sunday. In our weekly meeting, the design team was talking about the service and Joe said something that has stuck with me since; there is a certain expectation that adds to the environment on Sunday mornings. We expect great music, we expect a great message, we expect to feel God’s presence.

I love the line in “Waiting Here for You” that says, “we come with expectation…”. I can’t help but think that this expectation plays a part in things like church events and mission trips as well. I know when I look back on my trips to Latvia, there is an anticipation for what God is going to do. I find myself excited and drawing closer to Him because I feel He has shown up in big ways. But you know what is funny? God doesn’t have to “show up”, He’s always there. Maybe if I had that same sense of expectation in my day to day affairs I would be more in tune to Him. So as I begin to anticipate more from the God who never fails, I challenge you to do the same. Don’t wait until worship on Sunday mornings or trips around the world; expect His presence today.

Waiting on Him,