On Saturday our church participated in the The Response, a day of prayer for our nation, via a web stream from Reliant Stadium.  During the course of the day one of the main things emphasized was the name of Jesus.  To be a Christian is to truly lift up, worship, and speak of the name of Jesus.  To simply say ‘God’ does not truly identify clearly enough who we are talking about these days.  Many people when they hear God may be thinking the God of just the Old Testament (not revealed in Jesus), or Allah, or Mother Earth, or my inner self, etc.  The point is God has revealed Himself most clearly and visibly in Jesus Christ.  

I was reflecting on this verse out of John 1 today which says, ‘And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.’  What an amazing truth that the Word, Jesus Christ, took on a body and walked this earth in our shoes for 33 years.  How awesome to think that Holy God, Creator and Sustainer of the vast universe, came into our neighborhood in order to feel our very temptations, struggles and aches and pains and then ultimately to carry the burden of all of our sins to the cross.  He is a God that gets us and knows us.  He is a God that is full of grace (unmerited favor, unfailing and pursing love) and truth.  His grace draws us in and embraces us and washes us clean and His truth sets us free to have a new direction and purpose and calling in our life.  So today let’s boldly praise and proclaim and speak confidently of our God revealed fully in His Son Jesus Christ!

Rescued by Jesus,