Hello there this is Brian writing to you from Georgia. We are on the third leg of a national tour that began with SB kids camp near Huntsville to Branson MO for a family getaway and now a few days in Georgia visiting with my wife Whitney’s family. We attended my in-laws church this morning and the pastor shared a message on the topic of doubt. In Matthew 11:3, John the Baptist, while in prison, sends some of his disciples to ask Jesus a very surprising question, ‘Are you the Expected One (or Messiah), or shall we look for someone else?’ This is very odd considering that John was the prophet who was preparing the way for Jesus and who earlier had said, ‘Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world’.

John was in a dark place. He was locked up in prison by Herod and he suspected correctly that his death was eminent. John, like all of us, experienced doubt when earthly conditions had become incredibly difficult. I know in my own life I have had times where I have doubted my call to ministry and I have even doubted my own salvation and sometimes struggled with thoughts about the reality of God Himself. Jesus’ response to John’s doubt is powerful.

First He sends John’s disciples back to him in order that John not be alone and isolated. He then quotes from the book of Isaiah how the Messiah would give sight to the blind, heal the lepers and help the deaf to hear. This is a reminder to immerse yourself in God’s words when you are struggling through doubt. Lastly, He does not condemn John for his doubts but on the contrary commends John and declares that among all men who have been born of a woman, no one is greater than John the Baptist. So when (not if) we go through seasons of doubt let’s surround ourselves with brothers and sisters in Christ, read and absorb God’s Word, and know that Jesus delights in us even as we struggle and doubt.

in Christ,