Flying back from Georgia last night I was reading a book my grandfather had given me. A little 4 year old boy was one of the main characters of the book and at one point his dad asked him why Jesus had to die on the cross. The little boy’s answer was very simple…‘Well, Jesus told me He died on the cross so we could see His Dad.’ His dad, a pastor, was thinking through all the heavy theological words like propitiation, justification and expiation and then his son drops this very simple explanation on him.

As I contemplated this little 4 year old’s answer different thoughts began to flood my mind. I thought about John 14:6 where Jesus tells His disciples that ‘He is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through Him.’ I’ve always focused alot on the way, truth and life part but it’s interesting that the focus of this statement perhaps is really on what our main objective in life should be, ‘coming to the Father.’ It is powerful to begin to look at God’s story through this lens…a holy yet intensely loving Father who longs to be with His children and yet sin and rebellion create this chasm and barrier. He sends messages through angels, men, prophets and gives them promises and a beautiful set of laws. Finally He does the unthinkable to bring them back to Himself for all time….He sends His one and only Son, Jesus, to come to us, identify with us, walk among us, and ultimately die a horrible death so that we could be with our Abba, our Heavenly Father for all eternity.

So let this be our aim today…coming to our Daddy…When we are tempted to sin and go a different way, let’s remember that the cross was necessary to remove the barrier between us and a radical loving Father that wants us to be with Him. In the Father’s presence is true joy, peace and life. Away from the Father is utter loneliness, grief, hollowness and misery. Let’s press on towards being with our Dad today!

in Christ,