I’m really excited to be starting an internship in the fall with an organization called Justice for Children.  Basically this advocacy group steps in when cases of child abuse or neglect go unsolved.  I will be working alongside a caseworker and lawyer to look back through the case to see if anything was missed in order to give the child another chance for justice. 

 During my interview, I realized how important an organization like this is.  For those people who cannot find grace and second chances on their own, organizations such as Justice for Children step in and speak on their behalf to try and gain it for them.  And as I was learning more and more about the group, I would think to myself how blessed I am to have never needed someone to step in during times of crisis and speak for me.  But I was so wrong.  As believers, we have the ultimate advocate continually stepping in on our behalf.

 1 John 2:1 states: “But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate who pleads our case before the Father.”  How amazing is it that we have the Son of God pleading our case before the God of the universe because we alone do not and cannot deserve His grace.  Thank Him for His role of advocate in your life today; it is for no other reason that we can approach the Father and have an intimate relationship with Him.