This past week I have been on a documentary film kick, so yesterday David and I sat down to watch one called “The Human Experience”.  In this film a group of guys from Brooklyn decide to experience life in different ways; first, through the eyes of the homeless in New York, then with a children’s home in Lima, Peru, and finally in a leper colony in Ghana.  I loved everything about this film- it did an excellent job showing that regardless of where and how we grew up we all have this innate need to feel purpose in our lives.  One thing that really resonated with me in each of the groups was that they all seemed to agree there must be some purpose for their life…they had been through so much that there was no way God didn’t have a reason for them to still be alive. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. said it perfectly when he said, “We must rapidly begin the shift from a ‘thing oriented’ society to a ‘people oriented’ society”.  When we do this, our focus will turn from the latest technology and fashion to our brothers and sisters and those in need.  We all have a need to feel purpose.  That purpose comes from a relationship with our Father.  What a difference we could see if we spent the majority of our time reflecting God’s love to those around us!  So ask yourself today, are you living a “thing oriented” life or a “people oriented” life?