Yesterday while I was on Facebook, a friend of mine had a status update that caught my attention:  “Today would be a great day for worship leaders to worship without a guitar or microphone”.  Being a worship leader, this stood out and challenged me to check myself.  Has my worship become merely a performance for man or is my focus still on the One that matters?

While I have been given a passion for music and enjoy worshiping through song, you may have a different passion.  Perhaps you worship through art,  or writing, or dance; if you do, that is great and you need to use these gifts to praise our Lord!  But what my friend’s status reminded me of is my worship should not stop at the song I sing on Sunday.  I find myself drawing nearest to God through the lyrics I sing to Him.  However, my worship should also be through the words I speak to my husband, the help I offer a friend, or even the smile I give to the stranger at Starbucks.  Our lives should be declaring His glory in everything we do.  So today I challenge you (and myself!) to find an “unusual” way to worship our Savior.