So my garage door broke and I really didn’t know who to call. So I thought I would try out something I saw on Facebook. I had a friend who wanted to by a new vacuum cleaner. So they posted on Facebook if anyone had any advice. In no time 15 folks including me, gave them our experience and bam!!!!! Forget consumer reports.

So I thought I would try it. So posted that I needed a reliable, honest garage door repair company and Bam!!!! (I’m feeling like Emeril here.) I had four suggestions and in a day had my garage door fixed very well and for a reasonable price. And Jane and Peter said the guy was super nice to boot.

This Saturday I mentioned to the band that one of my voice students really wanted an acoustic guitar, and she only had $250 to spend. So today I get a call and Greg Wells, our drummer had spotted a Breedlove guitar on Woodlands online for …….you guessed it, $250. I shot out an email and got an immediate reply and long story short, I picked up the guitar and tomorrow her mother and I will surprise her with a beautiful guitar worth at least double what she paid.

Community. It really works. In life we all have areas we are intelligent and intuitive. And areas we’re not. We are at our best when we selflessly share our knowledge and skills and also when we enjoy and receive help from others in their areas of strength and knowledge.

I just watched South Carolina win the College World Series. Congrats to Pastor Steve Bradley on your Gamecocks repeat!!!! I was especially struck by how both the coach and the players all said in the post game interviews how they really were very average individually as far as baseball players go. (One said a bunch of average Joe’s…I tried not to take that personally) But that as a team, they really work well. They all mentioned how they loved each other and really believed in each other and everyone expected everyone to give their best effort and to never ever quit.

The power of team. The strength of Community.

Sometimes life and problems seem overwhelming, particularly when I feel I have to solve all my problems on my own. But in community, I am energized and hopeful. Not feeling isolated and inadequate, but rather, resourceful and connected.

It is clear though out God’s word that is just what He had in mind.

Acts 2:44
the believers were together and had everything in common. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, 47 praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

So at Stonebridge when we say come, connect, make a difference!!! We really mean it.

Feeling Connected,

Joe McKinney