One of my new hobbies I’ve taken up this year is vegetable gardening.  It’s been a fun process of building a box, creating the perfect soil mix, selecting the plants, watering consistently and training the vines to grow vertically, adding support when needed.  Last weekend I was out of town for a few days picking up my daughter from camp.  When I got back to check on my garden I was shocked to see that several of my tomatoes had holes in them.  I figured out that the word about free food and water (tomotatoes are full of water) had apparently leaked out to the local bird community and they had been having a hay day on my crops while I was gone.  I was ticked!  Nobody messes with my garden.  This was a declaration of war!

So this morning I took action and built a sophisticated fortification system (a.k.a. bird netting) and draped it over my garden.  As I was out there I could almost feel those little eyes peering down on me from the tree tops, eyeing their next prize.  As I was doing that I thought a bit about our lives.  Many of us have worked hard, we’ve built a great life, we’ve got a wonderful family (fruit), we are involved in great ministries, etc.  But we have neglected this step of protection from predators.  We have an enemy that is eyeing our life and the fruit of our life and Jesus says that ‘[he] comes to steal, kill and destroy…’ (John 10:10).  Each of us have vulnerabilities and particular temptations that are extra strong for us.  What is it for you?  Are you protecting yourself from the predators of lust, greed, power, gossip, etc?  What nets of protection do you need to put up today?  Maybe it’s dropping certain friends on facebook, not being alone at times, adding accountability, etc.  Dont’ leave the garden of your life unprotected today!

In Christ,