Good morning, Brian here. So i felt led to write the following devotional before I read Joe’s entry from yesterday. Apparently, the Lord, wants us to be better listeners as I wrote on the same topic. I guess a little extra emphasis never hurts.
Don’t you love the following scenario: you’re conversing with a friend on your cell phone, the conversation is riveting and you’re interacting back and forth…it’s now you’re turn to talk and you really start pouring out your heart, or you articulate a compelling argument and you’re so excited about your friend’s feedback or response to all that you’ve just shared and then with bewilderment you hear silence…absolutely no response…you’re thinking ‘how rude’ or ‘how can you not say anything to what I just stated?’. Then in disgust you pull the phone away from your ear only to notice that apparently the call was dropped about 2 minutes ago and all of that great stuff you poured out of your heart was just noise in the wind.
As I was reading in my devotional time earlier this week I came across this verse in Jeremiah 7:13 where God is pronouncing judgment on the Southern Kingdom of Judah and He states, ‘and now because you have done all these things,’ declares the Lord, ‘and I spoke to you, rising early and speaking, but you did not hear, and I called you but you did not answer…’ One of the major indictments upon God’s people was that God was speaking and they were not listening. I personally felt very convicted by that thought. What a horrific thought to think that God, creator and sustainer of the universe, is speaking to me, and I am allowing His words to go into the wind rather than into my heart and mind. Every day that I fail to carve out time, pause and listen I am missing out on treasures, wisdom, direction, encouragement, loving conviction, and adventure because I am failing to hear and listen to what God is saying.
Striving to stop and listen more,