Hey guys, Lindsey here again.  Today I wanted to look with you at a song that we have done several times.  Desert Song is one of my favorite songs to sing because I love the melody and the rhythm, but the lyrics are so deep and important that I wanted to really dive into what we are saying when we sing this song.

In a video interview, Hillsong artist Jill McCloghry tells the story of how less than a week before the album recording she went into labor at only six months.  Sadly after one night, her baby boy Max, was unable to keep fighting.  She remembers the emptiness she felt and how recording an album was the last thing on her mind.  After a few days, she felt the Lord reminding her that she needed to keep doing what she was meant to do; worship Him.  During the recording, she did not feel as “spiritual” as she normally did when worshipping, but she believed in the words she was singing and she knew that He was still bigger than her pain.

When I think about a desert certain images come to mind; deserts are dry and harsh.  I imagine feeling so insignificant when looking out at the vastness of a desert.  I think that is exactly why “Desert Song” is the perfect title.  When our lives feel so out of control; when it seems like there is no end to our pain and our faith feels dry, the first thing we need to do is keep praising our God.  He’s bigger than it and He will carry us through it.

The book of Lamentations is about exactly what is sounds like; it was written as a song of lament for the fallen city of Jerusalem.  In chapter 3:22-23 it says:

“The faithful  love of the Lord never ends!  His mercies never cease.  Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning.”

Sing out to Him in every season of your life.  He is still God, so you have a reason to sing and to worship.