Hey this is Brian.  What a great weekend of worship it was for our church family.  We had a powerful time of reflection outside by the crosses on Friday, where we took in a little deeper what it cost our Savior to set us free from sin and death.  Then, yesterday, how sweet it was to pack into our worship center and celebrate the empty tomb….Jesus is alive!  The very first song we sang yesterday was entitled, ‘Christ is risen!’  Below are some of the lyrics to this simple song:

Come and see
Come and see where they laid Him
He is not here
He is not here, He is living

Quickly now go tell the world
Christ, the Lord, He is risen
The power of God
Forever raised Him from the grave

Where oh death’
Where oh death is your sting’
Swallowed up
You’re swallowed up in vict’ry

He is risen, Hallelujah
He is risen, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

The first Easter began as a simple discovery by two women named Mary.  That one little discovery of an empty tomb in the Middle East has grown into a global movement.  As Joe shared yesterday it is an awesome thought to think as we were singing our praise songs and shouting out in English, ‘Christ is risen…He is risen indeed!’ that millions and millions of voices in different languages of different cultures of different skin colors around the world were shouting and singing about the same good news of hope and salvation.  Indeed as we begin a new week coming off of Easter what else can we do but to ‘quickly now go tell the world that Christ the Lord, ‘He is risen!’  Below is a sampling of some of the shouts that could have been heard around the world yesterday:

Al Maset’h ahm! Hat’em ahm! – Arabic

 Helisituosi fuhuole! Queshi fuhuole! – Chinese

Kristus er opstanden! Ja, sandelig opstanden! – Danish

Christos T’ensah Em’ Muhtan! Exai’ Ab-her Eokala – Ethiopian

Christus ist Auferstanden! Wahrhaf auferstanden! – German

Christos Anesti! Alithos Anesti! – Greek

Cristo e’ Risorto! Veramente e’ Risorto! – Italian

Harisutosu Fukkatsu! Jitsu Ni Fukkatsu! – Japanese

Jesu Kristi Ebiliwo! Ezia o’biliwo! – Nigeria

Khristos Voskrese! Voistinu Voskrese! – Russian

Cristo ha resucitado! En verdad, esta resucitado! – Spanish

Kristos Ame Fu Fuka! Kweli Ame Fu Fuka! – Swahili


In Christ,