Hey everyone, Lindsey here! I am still so overwhelmed by what God did last week during the Concert of Worship. I am so excited to watch our church continue to grow as worshipers. This Sunday we will be introducing a new song entitled “Sovereign Hands” by Hillsong United.
This song has a lot going on in it. Much of the lyrics refer to the cross and how God was willing to lay down His only Son- and how Jesus was willing to obey. With Good Friday coming up in a week, the lyrics have been a great reminder of the beauty that is found in the scene of the cross.
“Sovereign hands nailed to a humble cross, scars You bear speak of Your redeeming love”
I love the reaction that the song gives to this sacrifice: “No wonder I call You the Savior, no wonder I’m singing”
The writers of this song are declaring their praise to our God because they can think of nothing else to do when considering what has been done for us. Is your life reflecting this today? Do you find yourself so overcome with joy and gratitude that praise is just flowing out of you? If not, I challenge you to revisit this scene. Next weekend is a huge weekend. It’s the time we as believers celebrate a life being laid down for our sins and death being overcome through Christ’s resurrection three days later. Take this next week and pray that God will reveal something new to you. Don’t lose your wonder at what has been done.
I’ve attached a video of the new song. Take a listen and come Sunday morning eager to worship our Sovereign God!