Hey guys its Lindsey Wittenmyer, one of the Worship Leaders here at StoneBridge.  I am so excited about our upcoming Concert of Worship; I cannot wait to come together as a church and worship our God with everything we have!  The past several days we have looked into what worship looks like.  Today, I would like to dig into the song “You Reign” by Citipointe Church.

I’m sure each of us at some point in our lives has had someone in charge of us.  I remember as a child the dreaded words “because I said so” coming out of one or both of my parents mouths.  And while my parents had my best intentions in mind, not everyone always did.  Many times we become cautious of someone who has authority over us.  It would be easy for us to sit and think of that boss, teacher, politician, or friend that ultimately was more concerned with their gain than our well being.  But I want to give you a simple reminder today: the One who has supreme authority over our lives and all of creation is a loving, compassionate God who DOES have your best interest in mind.

One of my favorite lines of the song says “You’re above anything thrown my way”.  Regardless of what has been thrown your way, whether good or bad, our God is above it.  Where we are and what we are going through can never change who He is. 

Psalm 47:7-8 says “For God is the King over all the earth.  Praise Him with a psalm!  God reigns above the nations, sitting on His holy throne.”  Wow.  The God who reigns over all of the earth cares about us.  Don’t let that pass you by today.  Allow His kingdom to come and His will to be done in your life.