If you liked the movie Braveheart or Gladiator, this is the worship song for you.  “Let God Arise” is a hard driving, shout it out celebration of the saving power of our God.  The text is taken from Psalm 68:1. “Let God arise may His enemies be scattered.”  

We too often try to build the church as if God was not around. Was it Moses staff that caused the Red sea to part?  No. God did that. 

This worship song reminds us that God will build His church, that His enemies fear Him, that the victory is sure.  Death is conquered.  Our God is even now saving lost souls. He will do it. 

We are not to be fearful or disheartened. God is sovereign. He rules and over rules. 

So take up the victory chant and shout out the good news, Our God is a God who saves. 

“Let God Arise”

Hear the holy roar of God resound
Watch the waters part before us now
Come and see what He has done for us
Tell the world of His great love

Our God is a God who saves
Our God is a God who saves

Let God arise
Let God arise

Our God reigns now and forever
He reigns now and forever

His enemies will run for sure
The church will stand, she will endure

He holds the keys of life, our Lord
Death has no sting, no final word