Hello everyone, this is Mackenzie Plum. I lead worship a couple times a month and “No Not One” co-written by Christy Nockels and Brandon Heath is a song that I have loved to sing throughout this past year. The lyrics really mean a lot to me. They evoke such a passion for my Savior and I get excited to come into His presence with worship. Every time I hear this song come on in my car or just my iPod at home, I want to sing and dance for joy because of my amazing Jesus. He truly is the greatest gift one can receive. “No Not One” depicts the hope Christ has given us with its illuminating lyrics. 

This verse has really struck me and relates perfectly with the song. “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13). Although this verse is short and sweet, it describes just what Christ has done for us. He even sacrificed himself for those who hated Him. The lyrics in the song state “…And no one has ever known, this kind of love you’ve shown. There has never been a greater love than your Son. No not one.” Not one other has laid down his life for the world. No one other than Jesus has washed away all of our debts and paid for them with His blood. It is almost unreal to think about, but that is how great He truly is! 

Psalm 119:114 says “You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.” Being a senior in high school, I often have to lean on Christ to be my refuge and shield from the stresses of everyday life dealing with college transitions and truly becoming an adult. I put my hope in Him. “He gives us all a reason to shine, and there is no greater love–forever mine!” We all need to put our hope in Christ for He has given us life! I hope each day you look to Him and see the amazing gift God has given us in His son.  



Natalie Grant – Your Great Name

Christy Nockels – No Not One