Scriptural Expressions of Worship

The Bible is full of examples of how to express our worship to God.  This list is not a complete list and not all are appropriate for every time of worship.  I wanted to offer them as an encouragement as to how we can worship from a biblical perspective.  This is an excerpt from Tom Kraeter’s book Worship is What?

Bowing Down —Psalm 95:6 “Come let us bow down in worship…”

For many, this is the ultimate tribute of homage.  As we bow in worship we declare that God is ultimately worthy of all that we are and have.

Clapping—Psalm 47 “Clap your hands, all you nations.”

This can be spontaneous applause or exuberant rhythmic clapping.  The scripture does not specify exactly how to clap.  It simply tells us to do it.

Dancing—Psalm 149:3  “Let them praise His name with dancing”

(My daughter likes this one)

Dancing can be reverent, joyful or both.  Dancing in worship can be slow and flowing or fast and exuberant.

Kneeling—Psalm 95:6—-“let us kneel before the Lord our Maker”

Kneeling signifies reverence as one would bow before royalty. We can express worship to God by kneeling before Him.

Leaping—Luke 6:23—-“Rejoice in that day and leap for joy….

Leaping is often a spontaneous act of joy.  By joyfully leaping before the Lord we can express an emotion in worship which is otherwise difficult to express.

Lifting Hands—Psalm 134:2—-“Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and praise the Lord”

Lifting hands is often associated with the act of surrendering.  By lifting hands in worship we are signifying that we surrender everything to God.

Playing Musical Instruments—-Psalm 150:3-5—-“praise Him with the sounding of the trumpet…harp and lyre…tambourine…strings…and flute…cymbals…”

Using a variety of musical instruments can often enhance times of worship.

Shouting—Psalm 66:1—“Shout with joy to God, all the earth!”

In our culture, shouting is too often reserved for expressing excitement at sporting events or expressing anger.  Shouting can be a very appropriate way to express praise to God.

Silence—Habakkuk 2:20—-“…the Lord is in His holy temple: let all the earth be silent before Him.”

Sometimes the best response to the Lord is simple; quiet awe.

Singing-—Psalm 147:1—-“How good it is to sing praises to our God…”

Singing praises to God is nearly always appropriate.

Standing—-Nehemiah 9:5—-“Stand up and praise the Lord your God….”

Standing is an act of honor as in standing for the entrance of a bride or dignitary.  Simply standing before the Lord can be an act of worship.

With an Offering—Psalm 96:8—-“…bring an offering, and come into His courts”

An offering of self, as well as material goods, can be worship to the Lord.

These expressions come most naturally when we are overwhelmed with the fact that God really loves us. 

And that love gives us the freedom to live a life of worship.


Free to be me,